Photo by Russell Dian

My art is an integral part of who I am and conversely as I grow and evolve, that naturally affects my art.

My art is rich. As much is said with my dynamic color fluency, graceful lines or deliberate form as with the empty, untouched spaces or abstracted moments. Creating art brings me joy. Because of all of this, no matter how I might be feeling or what I might be going through, my paintings inevitably end up reflecting that joy.

I happily and generously share what moves me and what I find beautiful. I paint primarily figures, fruits, and flowers in oil. I am drawn to honesty, the purity that exists in the world; innocent, familiar emotions, moods or personalities, luscious, ripe, imperfect fruit, the graceful or even awkward reaching and bowing of flowers or trees, a supple curve, an evocative color moment, a line, a shape, a space, light. These things turn my head and compel me to extract their core beauty.

Art shapes me and through my art, I am able to express myself completely.