Photo by Russell Dian

In my art, line, form and a refined drawn image are as important to me as color, paint and paint application. I am always aware of the canvas as the flat, 2 dimensional object that it is. I am always aware of my viewer. And, I am always thinking of how I am leading my viewer around each canvas or paper and why and how he or she feels while doing so. My viewer connects sensitively with my art and the soul or essence of my subject matter as well as with me and what has moved me. With all my art, the viewer gets to fill in and be personally part of the story presented, making it his or her own while at the same time experiencing the colorful and gestural spirit I have captured.

The essence of me cannot really be summed up in a word or a sentence or even a description. But it can be and is magnificently expressed through my art. I am attracted to honesty as in the purity and naturalness that exists in the world. Innocent, familiar emotions or moods; luscious, ripe, imperfect fruit; the simple, real beauty of reaching and bowing flowers or trees; a graceful curve, an evocative color moment, space, light… - all of this is what moves me and what I am always expressing with my art. And ultimately, as I am giving my art and thus this honesty that is so important to me out into the world, it is my desire that I give people the opportunity to see what is organically familiar to them, yet see it differently. I want to give to the world who gets to experience my art a fresh lens for seeing as well as feeling with new moments continually discovered, noticed and savored.