"My first attraction to Margaret's art was due to the BEAUTIFUL colors! In addition, she captures the ESSENSE and SPIRIT of whatever she paints - be it trees, flowers in vases, animals, and people. For me, living with and being surrounded by several of her works, gives me such pleasure - her art creates the AMBIANCE I want in the rooms where I live and work. Finally, her paintings and drawings remind me of people I know and places I have been - thus, evoking wonderful MEMORIES when I view them."


Sallie Mullins Thompson, New York, NY

"Viewing Art is an extremely personal experience. I don't want to think about whether I like a piece of art. I can appreciate some art without wanting to hang it in my home. That is what museums are for. Everyone reacts differently to any given piece.


The first time I saw Maggie's art was as a post on Facebook and I remember my reaction - I took a deep breath and said, WOW, I love that piece. I rarely feel that way. I researched Maggie's collection and I didn't see anything I didn't love. We became Facebook Friends and I love the posts of her art work - in progress and then when it is complete. She invited me to her studio in NYC when I came to visit my kids and sister. I went. Being immersed with the art in her studio was great.


What is it that makes me react the way I do? It is hard to define but I think it is her impressionistic style, her amazing use of color, her subjects. I see personalities in her likenesses and settings for her still lives. I brought home a piece and had it framed. I get warm feelings every time I look at it. What else would you want in a piece of art you have in your home? It warms my heart.


Keep doing what you do Maggie!!!"


Meg Solomon, Philadelphia, PA

"I starting collecting Maggie’s paintings in about 1995 when we moved briefly to Connecticut. That painting, one of Maggie's earliest, kept me sane during that time. We lived surrounded by trees which wasn't my ideal and I would look over at the painting of the girl perched on the windowsill with the red brick of the city behind her. From then on there was always something that touched me about Maggie's work. Her understanding of color and the way she could make a single touch of red turn a painting into something sublime. Her process, the textures she uses and the stories behind her work make each piece special. And I love all of mine. Including and maybe especially the one she worked with my daughter to paint. Tremendous talent just not enough wall space."

Michele B. Jeffery, New York, NY

"I met Maggie Brown through the Fashion Center Business Improvement District when she put on an exhibit of her art in the lobby of one of the buildings I manage on 36th Street in the Garment District. I was struck by the beautiful colors and light in the paintings she hung; mostly fruit but some of people also. I then commissioned Maggie to create some art for the lobby of another of our buildings in the area. Ultimately she wound up painting a very large painting, 88” x 112,” of apples for the lobby. The 3 paintings are still there and look great in the lobby. I never tire of looking at them. Most recently Maggie painted a portrait of my granddaughter which is my favorite so far. It is lively and colorful and captures the spirit of my adorable 2 and a half year old granddaughter. I look forward to seeing it hanging in my daughter's home."


Steven Kaufman, Kaufman Organization
New York, NY